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Industrial Partner
Industrial Partner Automation Solution Provider Middle East Africa

Our knowledge, expertise, and highly professional staff allowed us to be the top player in the supply of industrial automation components and in maintaining the highest service quality in the field of automation of industrial processes.

Obsolete Automation parts

We have a large stock of obsolete electronic parts, even the ones that you do not find in the market anymore. We do not have an exclusive brand name, but we provide products from multiple brands.

Hockman Products

Hockman Sweden, with the finest Swedish raw material, and the highly professional trained staff, has been providing cutting solutions to Europe for the past 40 years, in all the industry sections, such as tissue production, carton production and more

Hot Melting Glue

We provide your entire gluing solutions whether it is for your packaging, tissue converting, carton factories, diaper factories, feminine napkins factories, or adult diapers factories.

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