Electrical Automation Parts

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Electrical Automation Parts

Our knowledge, expertise and highly professional staff allowed us to be the top player in the supply of industrial automation components and in maintaining the highest service quality in the field of automation of industrial processes.

We have indeed gained the trust of our clients by providing them with 24 hours support of all their automation needs.

Our electrical automation components help ensure safety, quality, and precision in the manufacturing process. The wide variety of products we provide will increase our customers’ capabilities while reducing the difficulty of their work.

We take pride of the wide range of supply we can provide, of our low voltage control and of our fast distribution. We provide circuit breakers, contactors, transformers, fuses, relays,motor starters, etc.


In Industrial Automation, we provide: HMI, Servo motors, sensors, Input modules, output modules, PLC, etc.


In Vehicle technology, we provide: AC motors, converters, encoder, etc.


In Motion control, we provide:  linear servomotors, drive motors, brushless motors, etc.


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