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This product is part of the Lexium Easy 26 range, an offer of motion servo drives for machines from 0.05kW to 4.5kW. The motion servo drive without EMC filter, features a HMI interface 7-segment display with 5 buttons. It is easy to mount and wire, thanks to identified plug-in connectors, easily accessed, all on the front panel of the drive. It is a motion servo drive with a rated supply voltage of 220V (single and three phase) for each phase, a frequency of 50/60Hz, a continuous output current of 4.5A at 16kHz, a power of 0.75kW/1.01HP and a continuous power of 750W at 220V. It is furnished with spring terminal for electrical connection. There is an electrical isolation between power and control. It is provided with an integrated fan for cooling. It is an IP20 rated product.

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معلومات إضافية
الوزن 1,3 كيلوجرام
الأبعاد 23,647 × 22,879 × 7,56 سنتيميتر
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