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withdrawable circuit breaker with guide frame 3-pole, size I, IEC In=800A to 690V, AC50/60Hz Icu=66kA at 500V rear connection horizontal Overcurrent release ETU 27 LSING protection adjustable 0.4-1 in Ground fault/N protection integrated Motorized/manual operating mechanism with spring charging motor AC 50/60 Hz 110-127 V AC or 110-125 V DC Activation 50/60 Hz 110 V AC, 110 V DC With 1st auxiliary release Shunt release “F”, F1 50/60 Hz 110 V AC/110 V DC, 100% on-load factor without 2nd auxiliary release 4NO+4NC C20= Spring charge status indicator not possible with option F02 C22= Ready indicator K07= Tripped signaling contact, 1 CO not possible with option F02 R10= Arc chute cover withdrawable part not possible with option A05 Rated voltage 1000 V R16= Position signaling switch, withdrawable part 6 changeover contacts R21= Shutter 2-part can be locked with padlock S25= Motor cutout switch in operator panel (S25) T40= Door sealing frame

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